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Get Paid More Than $15,439 For A Single Email Introduction

We Pay You Recurring Revenue For Connecting Businesses In Your Network To The Advertising Agency They Deserve

One-Time Introduction = Lifetime Income*

TL;DR: We pay $1,000 up front and 1% of retainer invoices for clients you introduce to Grip.

  • Introduce via eMail, Messenger or WhatsApp
  • We take it from there
  • ​If we decide to work together you receive $1,000 USD up front and 1% of retainer invoices in perpetuity 
  • We take care of the accounting and simply request an invoice from you each month for the amount we will pay you

Why Introduce Your Network To Grip?

We make you look like a super hero as we unlock profitability at a level of scale beyond what most believe to be possible.

We're trusted by the leaders in direct response marketing because of our decades of media buying experience and our results with hundreds of millions of dollars in spend collectively across...

- Facebook
- Instagram
- YouTube
- Google
- TikTok
- Pinterest
- SnapChat
- Bing

Grip is an advertising agency like no other.

We believe every great business and offer deserves a well oiled advertising machine. Designed by advertising veterans, built by creative geniuses and scaled by the best media buyers in the world.

We're selective about the clients we take on because we work at the very highest level. And for the lucky few who make it onto our books, they are treated like royalty.

So aside from earning healthy, recurring commissions, you might just find you rocket up to the top of the Christmas card lists of those you refer for finally connecting them with the advertising agency they've desired and deserved for years.

Business Owners In Your Network May Be Struggling...

It's all too often the case that businesses sign up with an advertising agency only to find themselves kicked down to an offshore or junior media buyer.

Void of account strategy. 

Longing for new ad creative to be tested.

Knowing deep down that they could be doing better but now knowing where to turn.

And as the months go on and successful advertising relies more and more on creative testing, the situation for these business owners can become dire.

We believe great businesses deserve better.

We believe clarity, communication and agility are paramount.

The results we achieve and feedback from our happy clients support those beliefs.

How We Can Help

Communication is foundational to everything we do.

Grip is made of Only Experts. No Amateurs. No Juniors.

After a comprehensive audit and alignment of goals, we create an initial suite of ad creative, designed to rapidly identify new resonant messaging.

It's not unusual for us to reduce lead costs by up to 40% in the first few days following our proprietary creative testing strategy.

From that point on, we include all of their creative testing and production in-house as we test our way to success.

For some clients we test as many as 3,500 creative assets in a single year as we scale them to millions of dollars in ad spend per month.

When they're ready we expand them into new platforms to expand their reach and create floods of high quality new daily customers.

Who to Introduce

We maintain an impeccable track record of success by being selective of who we take on as a client.

The businesses we're most likely to accept are probably already spending in $100,000 or more on advertising each month or they have a great offer that has already sold successfully via affiliates.

They have a large marketplace potential with the operational capacity to scale to 10X their current sales volume.

They understand their funnel KPIs and how much they can afford to profitably acquire a customer for.

They have excellent customer reputation evidenced by great testimonials and online reviews.

They're mature business owners with growth mindsets who are willing and able to implement the strategic upgrades we recommend to support the floods of new traffic we will generate for them.

How We Will Pay You

As an ambassador we pay you a $1,000 commission for every new client you introduce.

Funds are deposited into a bank of your choosing as soon as our new client's acceleration deposit clears in our account.

From that point forward, simply look out for an invoice request each month, send over the invoice and we pay you on receipt.

There is no limit to the number of new clients you can introduce, we will pay you for each and every new client we accept that you have introduced.

One-time introduction = Lifetime Income*

Wait... Who The Flip Is Grip?


Grip Culture


What It Takes

The Grip team only has A-players. We have a standard of excellence we hold ourselves and eachother to. We have fun and get the job done. We share a rare combination of creativity and ruthless effectivity. We are obsessively focused on creating world class results for our clients and leaving our competitors in the dust.


Our Culture

Want to work in a place where you feel appreciated? Where you spend the whole weekend looking forward to Monday mornings instead of dreading them? Where you're supported by everyone around you to be the best version of yourself and rewarded for expressing the truest version of yourself? That image you have in your head right now... that's working at Grip. 


What We Believe

We believe in excellence, because why would you settle for anything less? We believe overdelivering is thoroughly fulfilling. We believe ads shouldn’t feel like ads. We believe creativity opens up the hearts and minds of millions and makes life worth living. We believe in supporting our team and our clients to level up and change the world.

Ready To Become A Content Creator For Us?

*Lifetime of the account. Grip will pay you $1000 one-time, then 1% ongoing on every monthly retainer invoice for the lifetime of the account.

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