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Content Creators & TikTok Influencers:

Get Paid Regularly (And Generously!) To Make Creative Videos For Our Clients

TL;DR: We're an advertising agency looking for great content creators to regularly send paid projects to

  • Your follower count doesn't matter to us
  • We just want creative videos that grab people's attention and sell products
  • ​Get paid generously per project
  • If your videos work well, we'll be back for more regularly!

What We Need

We're looking for a range of creators, if you can supply ANY or ALL of the following, it's worth applying:

  • Turn the short, story driven scripts we send you into creative videos
  • Create story-driven scripts of your own that promote our clients' products
  • ​Provide reviews/testimonials of products we send you / give you access to

How You'll Submit Your Videos

  • Fully edited and ready to publish as ads
  • ​Bonus points if you can send them with multiple hooks/intros to test
  • Uploaded to the Google Drive folder we provide
  • 1080x1920 Vertical Video Format

How You'll Get Paid

Submit your invoice and payment details for payment via PayPal, ACH, BACS or Wire transfer. 

Wait... Who The Flip Is Grip?


I'm Glad You Asked...

We're the digital advertising agency passionate about creating ads that don't feel like ads.

Ads That Don't Suck.

Aside from leveraging humour, psychographics and creativity to make attention grabbing masterpieces that turn strangers into customers, our framework for strategic advertising is unparalleled in the industry.

As we branch out into new territories of advertising, and work with ever more diverse clients we're always on the lookout for content creators who can make killer content for our ads.

You don't need to be qualified.

You don't need to be a genius.

You don't need to be 

You just need to be creative, imaginative and reliable. 

Why You Want To Work With Us

In short, because we're cool as heck.

We appreciate creativity, and nurture our supplier relationships (that's you 😉) to create an abundance of opportunity for people who passionate and great at what they do.

At Grip, we believe in having fun but getting stuff done. In working fast but never rushing. We believe in curating a culture that encourages creativity and outside-the-box thinking.

Grip Culture


What It Takes

The Grip team only has A-players. We have a standard of excellence we hold ourselves and eachother to. We have fun and get the job done. We share a rare combination of creativity and ruthless effectivity. We are obsessively focused on creating world class results for our clients and leaving our competitors in the dust.


Our Culture

Want to work in a place where you feel appreciated? Where you spend the whole weekend looking forward to Monday mornings instead of dreading them? Where you're supported by everyone around you to be the best version of yourself and rewarded for expressing the truest version of yourself? That image you have in your head right now... that's working at Grip. 


What We Believe

We believe in excellence, because why would you settle for anything less? We believe overdelivering is thoroughly fulfilling. We believe ads shouldn’t feel like ads. We believe creativity opens up the hearts and minds of millions and makes life worth living. We believe in supporting our team and our clients to level up and change the world.

Ready To Become A Content Creator For Us?

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