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Direct Response Ad Copywriter

Full Time - Remote

Are you obsessed with writing persuasive copy?

Do your words seize attention, hypnotize readers and entice them to buy?

Looking to join a team of veteran media buyers, videographers and animators to change the landscape of digital advertising?

Well let's talk!

We’re looking for a Direct Response Copywriter with a razor sharp sense of humour and marketing chops that would make David Ogilvy weep to write video ad scripts and social compliant ad copy.

You MUST have a deep understanding of direct response persuasive marketing principles and the ability to write words that entertain, engage and drive people to take action.

Working alongside some of the best social media buyers in the industry and as part of the team that puts creativity first, your imagination will be the secret sauce that turns our clients’ brands and marketing messages into creative ads that leave our competitors in the dust.

We produce a variety of ad types depending on the subject matter and client. From cartoon story ads to piece-to-camera ads featuring the client.

It’ll be your job to take the client’s business, decide what’s going to resonate best with their customers and turn it into ad scripts and storyboards that will turn strangers into super-fans and long-term, high-value buyers.


  • ​Crafting marketing ideas and angles to quickly capture and engage attention on social media
  • ​Production of long comprehensive video ad scripts for YouTube, Facebook
  • ​Long form and short form supporting ad copy for Facebook ads. Headlines, primary copy, descriptions
  • ​​Production of Story based ad scripts metaphorizing clients’ products and offers through engaging storytelling
  • ​​Application of humour where appropriate to build human connection and obliterate trust barriers
  • ​​Constant engagement with media buyers and creative team to build and evolve ad ideas that are working
  • ​​Spot opportunities at a high level to increase client profitability through the upgrade and application of functional copy
  • ​​Some direct response email sequence copy for internal projects
  • ​​Occasional sales page and website copy for internal projects


  • ​A constant supply of new angles, ad copy and ideas to test for projects
  • ​Demonstrable and continual lift in metrics such as CTR, CPC and on page conversion rates
  • ​​A higher quality of customers attracted demonstrable through higher customer ACV and LTV
  • ​​Positive feedback from clients at seeing their business and message portrayed in such a clear and compelling way
  • ​Ads that don’t suck


  • ​Demonstrable comprehensive experience and application of direct response marketing principles
  • ​A razor sharp sense of humour, and the tact to use it in a way which rocket-fuels ad copy while remaining compliant
  • ​​Proven track record of writing copy that converts like crazy
  • ​​Thorough understanding of ad copy compliance for the Facebook and Google platforms


  • ​You have a mind that never shuts off thinking about creative ways to grab people's attention with words, hooks, angles and clever marketing ideas
  • ​You're constantly researching clients' industries and what drives their customers to action
  • ​A natural overachiever, you take pride in delivering results far beyond what people expect of you
  • ​You're fun, spontaneous and an outside-of-the-box thinker
  • ​Friendly, yet assertive - people feel like they’ve known you their whole life as soon as you meet
  • ​You overdeliver - clients constantly find themselves boasting to their friends “Wow, I did not expect that!”
  • ​​3D Thinking - you’re able to think around corners, bring together abstract ideas and develop new strategies
  • ​​A positive thinker - an enthusiastic, ‘can-do’ attitude, naturally driven by finding solutions to challenges
  • ​​Motivator - your enthusiasm is infectious to everyone around you
  • ​​Lazer sharp initiative and eagerness to blast through problems and challenges
  • ​​Motivated by clients’ happiness, success and constantly improved ad creative results
  • ​​You anticipate emerging and current campaign requirements and deliver solutions by understanding the client’s objectives and pain points


  • ​Highly competitive depending on experience.
  • ​Work from where you want, when you want.
  • ​Regular, uncapped incentives for great client feedback, teamwork and helping to upscale the company.

Wait... Who The Flip Is Grip?


I'm Glad You Asked...

We're the digital advertising agency passionate about creating ads that don't feel like ads.

Ads That Don't Suck.

Aside from leveraging humour, psychographics and creativity to make attention grabbing masterpieces that turn strangers into customers, our framework for strategic advertising is unparalleled in the industry.

With a world-class creative team in-house and media buyers otherwise unavailable to the marketplace, we're able to scale campaigns far beyond what other agencies would perceive to be limitations.

We value high value over high volume. We only work with market leaders meaning we can dedicate all of our skills and expertise to crafting comprehensive, multi-channel campaigns and develop deep, lifetime relationships with the best clients in the world.

Why You Want To Work With Us

In short, because we're cool as heck.

We appreciate creativity, and nurture our team to become the best versions of their personal and professional selves.

At Grip, we believe in having fun but getting stuff done. In working fast but never rushing. We believe in curating a culture that encourages creativity and outside-the-box thinking.

We enable everyone to work remotely from wherever they are in the world meaning we can hire the best talent, and create the lives we want to live freely.

By joining our team, you’re helping us set a new standard in the digital advertising industry – every single thing you do on our team contributes to that mission.

Grip Culture


What It Takes

The Grip team only has A-players. We have a standard of excellence we hold ourselves and eachother to. We have fun and get the job done. We share a rare combination of creativity and ruthless effectivity. We are obsessively focused on creating world class results for our clients and leaving our competitors in the dust.


Our Culture

Want to work in a place where you feel appreciated? Where you spend the whole weekend looking forward to Monday mornings instead of dreading them? Where you're supported by everyone around you to be the best version of yourself and rewarded for expressing the truest version of yourself? That image you have in your head right now... that's working at Grip. 


What We Believe

We believe in excellence, because why would you settle for anything less? We believe overdelivering is thoroughly fulfilling. We believe ads shouldn’t feel like ads. We believe creativity opens up the hearts and minds of millions and makes life worth living. We believe in supporting our team and our clients to level up and change the world.

Life at Grip

(Doesn't Feel Much Like Work)

Grip Perks

Work Anywhere


Be a part of the team from anywhere in the world. We believe you deserve to live the life you always dreamed of.

Grow With Us


We invest in your knowledge and professional development. We want you to succeed and be happy.

Competitive Pay


Grip offers an industry leading salary based on individual work experience and your work location.

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