Ads that put your AdSpend On Steroids, 
Explode your EPC and Rocket-Fuel your ROAS.

If Horror Movies Were Interactive

Wrapping your brand, product or service in an engaging, metaphorical story is the quickest way to help people understand what you do and build an iron-clad relationship with them.

Beware Zuckerwise!

The rising cost of ads is something on every advertiser's mind. This ad uses a sprinkle of creativity and the visual metaphor of Pennywise from the IT franchise morphed with a certain social media CEO as the money sucking enemy of small businesses.

Course Creator's Bootcamp

Having established through large-scale split-testing the term "Boot-Camp" resonated with the client's audience, we scripted and created this video to boot.

Longtail Keywords SAAS

Taking problem unaware audiences from cold to sold often takes a little creativity. Comedic ads like this hold attention and create huge brand good-will.

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"This is potentially going to double or maybe even triple our business..."
- Ryan Phillips, Videosuite

The Grilled Cheese Story

The story that built everything you see here. This is our founder, Dave's story of how he discovered the power of virality combined with paid performance marketing. A strong hook and narrative keeps people engaged and achieved webinar opt-ins for less than half industry average.

The New Way To Sell Beats

Telling your story in an engaging and entertaining way turns cold audiences into excited and well informed buyers at scale.

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"Instead of hoping and praying my ads are going to work, we are making money off of them consistnely and at a rate that is unprecedented..."
- Lindsay Mustain, Talent Paradigm

Personalised Video

Establishing a logical use-case and benefits for an amazing new video technology client in an engaging and informative way.

The Warrior Inside Every Child

Aimed at parents in the Rhode Island area, this ad was designed to demonstrate the power of Martial Arts to build a child's confidence and Mastery's commitment to uncovering that power.

There Are Good People

Using recorded testimonials, procured using our proprietary Power Testimonial technique, we cut together a series of story arc testimonial ads showcasing customer success stories where the client humbly plays the central role.

Michael's Story

The first video ad creative produced for a client, this video dropped their cost per booked call from $150 to less than $15 literally overnight.

What Every Mother Wants

A simple yet powerful emotional branding ad which formed part of a broader campaign. The focus here was to align the client with their audience, make them feel understood and build that all important trust relationship.
"There's a lot of people in our industry marketing themselves as ad specialists, but very few have the talent and acumen to get you results like Dave Rotheroe. 

I have personally watched Dave in action with my clients and how he transformed their message into magnetic ads was simply magical. He's helped thousands earn millions, transformed so many of my clients businesses, and I know he can do the same for you. 

I 100% endorse Dave as THE go-to guy when it comes to exploding your business online."

- Chad Thibodeaux, ClickFunnels Top30 Designer
Ads That People Actually WANT To Watch...
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Built For Results!

These ads are designed with direct response in mind. They're engineered toward getting your audience to take the next step, whether that be to become a lead, attend your webinar or purchase your products.

Our clients don't have time for wishy washy, throw-it-at-the-wall-and-hope-it-sticks marketing.

These are ads that are designed to sell.

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Here's What Happens When You Apply The Same Secrets To Your Organic Strategy...

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