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We have filled the current vacancy however we will be hiring for video editors again soon. 
If you'd like to apply we will keep your application on record and consider it at that time.

Creative Video Artist

Full-Time, Remote

Are you obsessed with making hyper engaging video and motion graphics?

Do you love working with people who are creative and passionate about what they do?

To have your work and your opinion valued and impact the direction of projects you work on?

To have fun and enjoy your work all while getting results that leave clients speechless?

If the answer's "yes" keep reading...


Hi, we're grip, the digital advertising agency passionate about creating ads that don't feel like ads.

It's our strong-held belief that creating engaging ads that bring our clients closer to their customers and combining them with world-class performance marketing is the true key to creating brands and legacies.

At grip, we believe in having fun but getting shit done. In working fast but never rushing. We believe in curating a culture that encourages creativity and outside-the-box thinking.

By joining our team, you’re helping us set a new standard in the digital advertising industry – every single thing you do on our team brings us closer to that goal. 


Creative video artist to produce and edit visual masterpieces in the form of social media optimised advertising videos that capture attention, engage and convert strangers into customers.

Video Editing (70%-80%): Sourcing and management of suitable footage and audio from client’s existing footage, commercial stock footage and audio. Editing engaging story based videos with said assets around the narrations, recorded scripts and frameworks provided by the copywriter and client. 

Motion Graphics (20-30%): Production and manipulation of motion graphics to emphasise and support messaging in videos. Production of character animation (non-essential but preferred)


Video Editing

  • Build powerful visual stories around the supplied recorded narrations and frameworks
  • ​Sourcing of suitable stock footage, music, sound-effects and motion graphics suitable and on-brand to aid in the production of a visually compelling video 
  • ​Strong adherence to copyright laws
  • ​Strong adherence to client brand guidelines
  • ​Social media ready video editing - outputs supplied for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube
  • ​Production of graphic title frames to surround videos on Facebook and Instagram 
  • ​Addition of narrative captions on graphic frames
  • ​Production of additional supporting ‘chunk’ videos for retargeting
  • ​Brainstorming and video conceptualisation with the rest of the grip team
  • ​A timely turnaround of productions while never rushing and always providing impeccable attention to detail

Motion Graphics

  • Sourcing and creation of suitable motion graphics to support live action and stock videos
  • ​Creation of entirely motion graphic videos for certain retargeting requirements
  • (Not essential but preferred) Experience and ability with character animation


  • Timely turnaround of video projects for review and completion
  • ​Visually engaging videos that capture attention and ‘grip’ viewers to their screens
  • ​Ability to turn around videos quickly while never rushing


Essential Qualifications & Experience

  • Highly experienced in video editing software (Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere)
  • ​Understanding of the principles of visual storytelling
  • ​Broad understanding of marketing and influence
  • ​Extremely proficient with motion graphics manipulation


  • A good sense of humour, positive attitude and a pleasure to work with
  • ​Highly creative individual with a passion for high-quality video
  • ​Extremely high standards taking pride in the detail
  • ​Invested in continual personal and professional development to gain new skills and insights
  • ​A strong attention to detail, adherence to brand values and 
  • ​An deep understanding and connection to the rhythm of engaging video editing
  • ​Self motivated with an eagerness to try new things and contribute to the creative process
  • ​Confident and client focused. Results driven by nature

grip Culture

What It Takes

The grip team only has A-players. People who work fast but never rush. Who have fun but get the job done. Who share a rare combination of creativity and ruthless effectivity. Who are obsessively focused on creating world class results for our clients and leaving our competitors in the dust.  

Our Culture

What makes grip’s culture so special? It’s simple. We all share the same passion for combining world class creativity with data driven, performance marketing to drive results that leave our clients speechless. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we take our work and our clients’ results incredibly seriously.

What We Believe

We help our clients magnetic to hoards of their dream prospects with compelling, creative advertising which transforms them into loyal, repeat customers and fierce brand advocates. We believe ads shouldn’t be boring. We believe ads shouldn’t feel like ads. We believe good media buying combined with world-class creative is the formula to building not just businesses, but movements.

Working at grip

grip Perks

Just some of the perks that make working at grip the best workplace for you.

Work From Anywhere

Build your remote career at grip from anywhere. Remote working allows the very best people to work at grip.

Grow With Us

We invest in your knowledge and professional development heavily. We want you to succeed and be happy.

Competitive Salary

grip offers an industry leading salary based on individual work experience and your work location.

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