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Want to work with the best in direct response advertising?

Do you love working with people who are creative and passionate about what they do?

To have your work and your opinion valued and impact the direction of projects you work on?

To have fun and enjoy your work all while getting results that leave clients speechless?

If the answer's "yes", you might just have found your new home...

Copywriter & Idea (Wo)man

We’re looking for a Direct Response Copywriter with a razor sharp sense of humour and marketing chops that would make David Ogilvy weep to write video ad scripts and highly compliant ad copy. 

You MUST have a deep understanding of direct response marketing principles and the ability to write words that entertain, engage and drive people to take action.

Creative Video Artist

Creative video artist to produce and edit visual masterpieces in the form of social media optimised advertising videos that capture attention, engage and convert strangers into customers.
  • Video Editing (70%-80%): Sourcing and management of suitable footage and audio from client’s existing footage, commercial stock footage and audio. Editing engaging story based videos with said assets around the narrations, recorded scripts and frameworks provided by the copywriter and client. 
  • Motion Graphics (20-30%): Production and manipulation of motion graphics to emphasise and support messaging in videos. Production of character animation (non-essential but preferred)
  • And So Much More...

Facebook Media Buyer

Facebook Media Buyer to build out, optimise and continually improve campaigns for clients based on agreed strategy. 

  • Facebook Media Buying - (80% - 90%): Build out and continual improvement of client campaigns on the Facebook Platform.
  • Facebook Ad Copywriting - (10% - 20%) 

Google / YouTube Media Buyer

Google & YouTube media buyer to build out, optimise and rapidly scale campaigns for clients across the YouTube, Google Search, Display & Shopping networks.

  • Google/YouTube Media Buying (80%-90%): Build out and continual improvement of client campaigns on the YouTube platform
  • Tracking Installation / Optimization (5-10%): Installation and management of tracking across Google Tag Manager, Analytics and Hyros.

Grip Culture

What It Takes

The grip team only has A-players. People who work fast but never rush. Who have fun but get the job done. Who share a rare combination of creativity and ruthless effectivity. Who are obsessively focused on creating world class results for our clients and leaving our competitors in the dust.  

Our Culture

What makes grip’s culture so special? It’s simple. We all share the same passion for combining world class creativity with data driven, performance marketing to drive results that leave our clients speechless. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we take our work and our clients’ results incredibly seriously.

What We Believe

We help our clients magnetic to hoards of their dream prospects with compelling, creative advertising which transforms them into loyal, repeat customers and fierce brand advocates. We believe ads shouldn’t be boring. We believe ads shouldn’t feel like ads. We believe good media buying combined with world-class creative is the formula to building not just businesses, but movements.

Grip Perks

Just some of the perks that make working at grip the best workplace for you.

Work From Anywhere

Build your remote career at grip from anywhere. Remote working allows the very best people to work at grip.

Grow With Us

We invest in your knowledge and professional development heavily. We want you to succeed and be happy.

Competitive Salary

Grip offers an industry leading salary based on individual work experience and your work location.

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