YouTube MEDIA buyer (Lead)

Full Time, Remote

Are you looking for a new opportunity to flex your media buying muscles?

To work alongside a team who are invested in making your job as a media buyer easier and more enjoyable?

To work with clients who have their stuff together and are hungry to make big moves with big spend?

To get paid without ceiling based on the results you're able to achieve?

If the answer's "yes" keep reading...


Hi, we're Grip, the digital advertising agency passionate about creating ads that don't feel like ads.

We've proven time and time again that creating engaging ads that leverage humour, psychographics and creativity drive results that leave our competitors in the dust.

At Grip, we believe in having fun but getting stuff done. 

In working fast but never rushing. 

We believe in curating a culture that encourages creativity and outside-the-box thinking.

By joining our team, you’re helping us set a new standard in the digital advertising industry – every single thing you'll do on our team brings us closer to that goal. 


YouTube media buyer to build out, optimise and rapidly scale campaigns for clients.

YouTube Media Buying (80%-90%): Build out and continual improvement of client campaigns on the YouTube platform.

Tracking Installation / Optimization (5-10%): Installation and management of tracking across Google Tag Manager, Analytics and Hyros.


  • Account setup and campaign build out on the Google Ads platforms
  • ​Supporting installation and health of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and other associated tracking codes and pixels on client sites.
  • ​Detailed competitor research and keyword analysis to identify and target profitable audiences
  • ​Strategic media buying, rapid campaign scaling & continual campaign improvement
  • ​Deep and thorough split testing to aggressively drive performance improvement
  • ​Feedback to creative team on performance of content and suggested improvements for future content.


  • Timely onboarding and build out of new campaigns
  • Successful and profitable advertising on both the YouTube and other Google platforms
  • ​Continual improvement of results and growth of leads / purchases
  • ​Daily reporting and feedback for clients of campaign performance
  • ​Consistently Scaling Campaigns and finding new opportunities to grow


Essential Qualifications & Experience

  • Previous track record as a YouTube Media buyer managing budgets in excess of $20,000 per month
  • Strong persuasive copywriting skills
  • ​Competent with HTML / Java Script to the level of tag installation and troubleshooting
  • ​Competent with project management software


  • Highly methodical and detail oriented
  • Lazer sharp initiative and eagerness to blast through problems and challenges 
  • ​Motivated by client’s success and improved campaign results 
  • ​Anticipates emerging and current campaign requirements and delivers solutions to them by understanding the client’s objectives and pain points.
  • ​Open & constructive communication with Facebook and other platform Media Buying teams.

grip Culture

What It Takes

The grip team only has A-players. People who work fast but never rush. Who have fun but get the job done. Who share a rare combination of creativity and ruthless effectivity. Who are obsessively focused on creating world class results for our clients and leaving our competitors in the dust.  

Our Culture

What makes grip’s culture so special? It’s simple. We all share the same passion for combining world class creativity with data driven, performance marketing to drive results that leave our clients speechless. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we take our work and our clients’ results incredibly seriously.

What We Believe

We help our clients magnetic to hoards of their dream prospects with compelling, creative advertising which transforms them into loyal, repeat customers and fierce brand advocates. We believe ads shouldn’t be boring. We believe ads shouldn’t feel like ads. We believe good media buying combined with world-class creative is the formula to building not just businesses, but movements.

Working at grip

grip Perks

Just some of the perks that make working at grip the best workplace for you.

Work From Anywhere

Build your remote career at grip from anywhere. Remote working allows the very best people to work at grip.

Grow With Us

We invest in your knowledge and professional development heavily. We want you to succeed and be happy.

Performance Salary

grip offers performance based salary with no ceiling meaning unlimited opportunity to earn.

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