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For Brands With Proven, Direct Response Offers Who Are Hungry For Growth:

Why Your Current Media Buyer Is Holding Your Business Back From Dominating Your Marketplace and Achieving Explosive Growth

We Rapidly Scale Your Advertising Across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Google, SnapChat, Pinterest & Bing So That You Can Crush Your Competition And Reach New Heights Of Profitability


From The Desk of Dave Rotheroe
Bridgetown, Barbados

What would it mean for your business if a team of veteran experts took care of every element of your advertising?

From copywriting, to creative production, to media buying, to scientific tracking and daily reporting so that you could confidently focus back on running your business.

Well that’s exactly what you get when Grip becomes your new out-sourced advertising department.

And combined with…

Our proprietary G.R.I.P. framework allows us to profitably spend up to $1 Million per week in a single ad account for clients

It’s also the reason we’re the agency that’s retained by the leaders in Direct Response Marketing for years. Not just a flash in the pan. Not just a launch.

So Why Will The G.R.I.P Framework Be A Game-Changer for your business?

Well it all begins with...

Great Creative

The thing that’s going to create explosive growth for your brand is no longer grey-hat media buying. It’s world-class ad creative.

Finding that ‘goldilocks’ combination of visuals and messaging is the first and most crucial step to unlocking results and scalability that will blow your mind.

That’s why we never stop testing.

In fact, our media buyers and creative department meet daily to analyse and continually iterate on your ad images, videos and copy. Meaning we can cover more ground and reach the results that most agencies only dream of.

Real-time Attribution & Reporting

Ad platforms can’t optimize if they’re flying blind.

And most media buyers are optimizing their campaigns on bad data. Shutting off ads that are profitable and scaling ads that are hemorrhaging money.

Creating crystal clear visibility means your campaigns are getting better every single day and together we can make the right strategic decisions to scale your business rapidly.

With the brand new, easy to understand reporting dashboard we build for you, you’ll never be in the dark again.

Wherever you are, whatever time of day, your campaign stats are clearly visible in a few taps.

Insightful Communication

We value focused, brief yet insightful communication. And that’s exactly how we’ll keep you informed, without adding to your to-do list.

Once per week, we’ll meet to align our compasses on a brief yet focused face to face meeting.

Then twice per week you’ll receive a video performance snapshot telling you exactly what’s happening in your account and what we’re doing to further build on the great results we’re achieving together.

Platform Diversity

It’s time to expand your net and capture more customers from all over the internet.

First, we’ll identify where the highest potential number of new customers are to be found, then our platform specialists across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Google, SnapChat, Pinterst and Bing will build custom creative and expand your campaigns for maximum reach and profitability.

When you experience the increased stability and cash flow of true, multi-platform dominance, you’ll wish you’d met Grip years ago.

Overdelivering Is Our Minimum Standard

"A great team to work with... spending over $1mm/m"

"The ads are totally crushing it!"

"They've almost doubled my business in the last six months"

"Twice the spend of our previous agency... while driving down the cost per MQL"

"Thousands of dollars in profit every single day"

"Reduction in cost per lead as much as 10X"

The Full Package: We Take Care Of Everything So You Can Focus On Running Your Business

(Not To Mention Fulfilling For The Floods Of New Customers We've Produced Together)

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Full Service Ad Creative

From simple image ads, to cinematic founder back-stories, to full cartoon character animation, great ads is what we’re known for at Grip. Ads That Don’t Suck. And when you become a client-partner, we'll create our famous ads for you at our own cost. Forever.

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A-Z Testing

Our systematic approach to creative and audience iteration sees us split-test as much as 150x more than other agencies. Meaning you’ll reach mind-blowing results faster while your competition is left wondering what on earth they’re doing wrong.

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Tracking Code Health-Check

Healthy tracking means healthy profits. Our developers will perform a full audit on your tracking and where necessary provide upgrades to improve visibility and platform optimization.

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Custom Analytics Dashboard

You’ll never feel in-the-dark, ever again with the clean and clear dashboard our data scientists build for you. Customized to your business and strategy, only the metrics that matter to you are simply laid out so you can easily track the progress we’re making together.

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High-Level Campaign Strategy

Our team of experts are all trained with decades of experience in the principles of direct response marketing. We don’t hire juniors. We don’t work with amateurs. The level of service you’ll experience with Grip is only possible with battle-tested veterans of entrepreneurial marketing.


You’re finally here.

We’ve been expecting you.

Listen, you were right.

You are being held back, and there is something you can do about it.

It’s not complicated.

But it requires a very specific set of skills.

Any agency who's willing to kick you down to their intern or offshore VA ain't gonna cut it.

And a contract media buyer who doesn't have a creative bone in their body ain't gonna cut it either.

You need the A team.

The Wordsmiths…

The Creative Minds…

The Media Buyers…

And the Data Scientists…

The people with the power to connect your brand with the hearts and souls of those beacons of potentiality you call your customers.

En masse.

You already know who we are and what we do.

And why we’re the best kept secret of the leaders in direct response.

You also know why we're very selective about who we work with.

So before we begin…

Let us know you're you...

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